Mango Bay is the third lightweight mystery in the Mango Bob series by Bill H. Myers. Like other books in the Mango Bob series Mango Bay is a fun read that requires a good dose of willing suspension of disbelief if you are going to enjoy it.

Walker moves to an RV park called Serenity Cove to discover what is happening to the funds the owner thinks are missing. He befriends a nice little old lady named Polly, her daughter Lucy, and an aging Hollywood actor named Buck.

Stuff happens and Walker gets accidentally involved in the drug trade. Someone’s kidnapped Plooy’s dog and wants the pot she found in exchange. Homeland Security gets involved at the beginning.

Where you really need to just go along for the ride and believe the plot is when Homeland Security says it is too busy to help Walker out after recruiting him in the first place and even blames him for the missing pot. Walker has to find the bad guy and defeat him by himself. It’s a bit much, really, but what the hell.

If you like lightweight mystery novels with no violence and fun characters, Mango Bay by Bill H. Myers will please.

Mango Bay
Bill H. Myers
Originally published 2013

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