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Nature Girl
Carl Hiaasen
Grand Central Publishing / Hachette Book Group 2007


Carl Hiaasen is lord and master of the outrageously funny, psychedelically bizarre quixotic comic mystery novel. Though not a mystery, Nature Girl is everything else and of course set in a Florida populated by more strange people than a Hollywood detox center. Carl Hiaasen has a great talent for bringing the downtrodden, wounded, nuts, obsessive, nature freaks, and assorted losers together into a hilarious circus of strange things set out of control by weird people that makes for a very entertaining read.

Nature Girl is no exception as it stars a manic depressive woman out for revenge against a rude telemarketer; the telemarketer, his blonde goddess mistress, and a detective hired by the telemarketer’s wife; the telemarketer’s vengeful wife; the manic depressive woman’s ex husband and her wannabe boyfriend; a half Seminole Indian on the run from dumping a body in the swamp; a college student more than willing to play hostage for the Seminole; and a Mark Knopfler guitar. Kindle version at Amazon: Nature Girl

Nature Girl is really a fun book though Hiaasen is a bit slow of the mark once he has set up his nuttier than a box of cashews characters. I have to admit though once Honey Santana aka nature girl gets step one of her revenge going things get real funny and real weird real quick. It gets even more interesting a few pages later when all these people end up in the same place at the same time. It is only then that Hiaasen adds a few more crazy touches to the whole set up. Hiaasen believes if something can go wrong it will go comically wrong.

Carl Hiaasen’s talent is not only in writing a madly funny book but managing to get away with so many over the top characters and events without the viewer once questioning either his/her or Hiaasen’s sanity. Somehow all these people and events seem absolutely plausible in a most willing suspension of disbelief kind of way.

Fans of Carl Hiaasen mystery novels will not be disappointed with Nature Girl. You know whodunit but that is totally beside the point.

Carl Hiaasen is Mark Twain on some really primo stuff. If you like Hiaasen you are going to like Tim Dorsey, Victor Gishler, or Lawrence Shames