Razor Girl
Carl Hiaasen
Knopf 2016
333 pages

Hiaasen is the master of Florida weird; the over the top comic small-time crime novel. Any Hiaasen novel guarantees a wild ride with lots of bizarre characters and turns of events and Carl Hiaasen’s Razor Girl does not disappoint. Razor Girl: A novel on Kindle

Razor Girl is Merry Mansfield who is an expert at rear-ending target vehicles while shaving her cooch. The novel begins with her hitting the wrong vehicle and this gets Hollywood agent Lane Coolman in trouble. Lane Coolman is in Florida to find Buck Nance, the star of Bayou Brethren (a Duck Dynasty reference) who has taken off for Florida. Buck gets off script in a bar and insults every gay, black, and Hispanic patron there, which means all of the patrons there, and has to run for his life. This brings in Benny “Blister” Krill, Buck Nance’s biggest fan who kidnaps him so as to become part of Bayou Brethren

Soon, ex-cop and current food inspector Andrew Yancy gets in his head that finding Benny Krill is his key to getting back on the force. Meanwhile, his neighbors want to build a monstrosity on the lot next door but not before they find the two hundred thousand dollarr engagement the fiancee has lost and Yancy has found but is then taken by some thugs acting for New York Mob boss Big Noogie. As for the fiance, he is one of those TV lawsuit lawyers who is unfortunately abusing of a deodorant which works better than any ED pill but has very weird side effects.

It just gets wilder after that including appearances by Gambian pouched rats at odd times.

Razor Girl may not be Carl Hiaasen’s tightest novel but it still makes for a very entertaining and relaxing read. If you like Carl Hiaasen and the comic mystery, you are going to like Tim Dorsey or Lawrence Shames

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