Although listed as book 8 of the Kew West Capers, The Naked Detective does not quite fit in with the rest of the series. It is more of a stand alone comic mystery. Laurence Shames is in fine form with The Naked Detective. Those who like light, easy to read thrillers will enjoy this Key West Caper

A tall blonde green-eyed dame walks into private detective Peter Amsterdam’s backyard. That the detective is naked in his hot tub does not fluster the dame. She wants to hire Amsterdam because he is not connected to anyone. This is true, Peter Amsterdam is a detective by name only. The private eye thing is only a tax dodge.

Amsterdam turns down the dame. He is intrigued however when she leaves her breasts behind and gets killed. He slowly gets involved with local bad guy Lefty Garcia and casino owner Veale. He is also strongly requested to pay a visit to Lefty’s daughter Lydia. Of course, he gets in the way of the Key West cops.

The MacGuffin here is an object Kenny Lukens, the blonde dame, stole from Lefty Garcia before faking his death. If the no longer naked detective can get his hands on it it will probably avenge Luken’s real death.

The Naked Detective is a well-written and paced hoot. It is not as wild as most Key West Capers but it is as solid as the best ones.

For a great, relaxing read and comic mystery, The Naked Detective by Laurence Shames cannot be recommended enough.

The Naked Detective
Laurence Shames
Key West Capers book 8
Southernmost Press 2015
238 pages

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