Sunburn by Laurence Shames is the third novel in his Key West Caper series. The Key West Capers are comedic crime novels featuring a series of dysfunctional characters caught up in ridiculous situations. The series is uneven but Sunburn is one of Laurence Shames’ good ones.

Vincente Delgatto, the capo de tutti capi or Godfather of New York is on vacation in Miami with his real estate broker stepson Joey and his wife. He is joined by his son Gino who is determined to show his pops he’s got what it takes. Joey and Gino will be familiar to those who read the first Key West Caper Florida Straits

Vincente Delgatto decides having his biography ghostwritten by a local journalist is a good idea and he starts talking. This is not seen as a good move by Gino. When Gino gets in trouble for making a deal he cannot make, he talks to a New York capo about the book deal. Killers are sent to silence the journalist.

Meanwhile, retired mobster Bert the Shirt, Laurence Shames’ recurring and entertaining character, gets involved in trying to make sure nobody gets hurt.

Sunburn by Laurence Shames is not laugh out loud funny like some of his other Key West Capers but it is highly entertaining. If you are looking for light crime fiction, Sunburn is a very good read.

If you like comic mystery novels, Tim Dorsey is also sure to please

A Key West Caper
Laurence Shames
Southernmost Press 2015

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