Though published fourth, Florida Roadkill is the first of twenty-one Serge Storms comic mystery novels by Tim Dorsey. It is clear while reading Florida Roadkill that Dorsey is trying to get his footing. Here Serge Storms is just a psycho killer on the loose in the middle of a rollicking adventure. Florida Roadkill also features two straight characters Sean, a family man, and David, an assistant DA, that could easily have become the main characters of the series. Kindle: Florida Roadkill: A Novel (Serge Storms series Book 1)

The central plot in Florida Roadkill is Serge Storms and his buddy Coleman are grifters on the make who hook up with a blonde bombshell who likes to marry rich men and become their widow. The trio come across a dentist and Serge chops off three of his fingers to collect on the five million dollar insurance money.

Once insurance cheque is cashed, everybody is after the five million: The president of the insurance company that is really a front for a drug cartel, hit men from the cartel, the dentist, and Sege and Coleman.

There is a major problem with one of the plot points in Tim Dorsey’s Florida Roadkill in terms of this becoming a series. It would be a major spoiler to tell you what that is. It is totally ignored in subsequent Serge Storms novels

Otherwise, the basics of the recipe is there but the book does not flow as smoothly as later Serge Storms adventures. This makes Tim Dorsey’s first Serge Storms comic mystery a decent read but not the book someone new to Dorsey will want to start with.

If you like Tim Dorsey, you will also like Carl Hiaasen and Laurence Shames

Florida Roadkill
Tim Dorsey
Serge Storms Book 1
William Morrow
288 pages

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