Nobody reads a Tim Dorsey Serge Storms thriller seriously. Dorsey writes comic thrillers centered around a very intelligent and imaginative serial killer, Serge Storms, and his sidekick Coleman. Storms and Coleman get into and cause all sorts of comic mayhem and the killer finds new and original ways to kill those who show little concern for good manners, society, or are just plain stupid.

Normally, a Tim Dorsey novel is good fun and excellent light reading. This is not the case for the ninth Serge Storms book Hurricane Punch. Yes, Dorsey’s plots are quite loose but here there does not seem to be a plot at all.

All Hurricane Punch is is a series of events that Dorsey does not really bother to tie together. This ninth Storms novel center on a kind-hearted journalist named Jeff McSwirley. McSwirley’s problem is unlike all this colleagues he is the kind of journalist victims of crime, murder, or destruction want to talk to. This is getting to him.

Now, someone wants to kill McSwirley and Agent Mahoney, Serge Storms’ nemesis is convinced Storms is the one.

A Tim Dorsey novel is usually entertaining light fare. This time around it is more tedious than anything. You could skip a few pages and not miss a thing because there is little to miss.

Hurricane Punch is for hard core  fans only.

Hurricane Punch
Tim Dorsey
A Serge Storms novel
Harper 2008

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