No One Will Hear Your Screams by Thomas O’Callaghan is the third thriller featuring Lieutenant John Driscoll. If you like mystery novels where a police detective goes after a mad and peculiar serial killer, you are going to enjoy this one. If you are a picky reader, you are going to have some issues.

Thomas O’Callaghan opens with a victim waking up in a hole below ground realizing what is going to happen to her. It is a sure way to keep the reader turning the pages. Tilden, the serial killer, embalms his victims while they are still alive. Throw in religious symbolism and a Catholic school history for good measures and all you need is a cop with a tragic past. Lieutenant John Driscoll is that cop.

A common problem with thrillers is keeping track of who is who. O’Callaghan keeps his mystery novel tight with just enough secondary characters to support the story and the main characters. It allows the reader to concentrate on what is important.

No One Will Hear Your Screams is, as mentioned before, a good thriller. Aficionadoes of the genre will be somewhat less satisfied. It is hard not to roll your eyes when you learn why the serial killer has chosen prostitutes as his victims. If you had one guess it is because…. Exactly.

Though the characters are all solid it is a little difficult no to get annoyed by the fact every single person on Lieutenant John Driscoll’s team has suffered psychological trauma or has a flaw. Even the coroner has his own difficult childhood memories. It becomes a bit much.

To be extremely picky, There are a few moments in No One Will Hear Your Screams by Thomas O’Callaghan where a proofreading mistake takes away suspension of disbelief. One is a sentence featuring Tilden in a paragraph that has nothing to do with him. The most glaring is related to good old evil Satin.

No One Will Hear Your Screams
A John Driscoll thriller
Thomas O’Callaghan
WildBlue Press 2020

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