My Dark Itch: Confessions of a Killer Comedian by author and stand-up comic Steve Sabo is a very original and captivating read. I am certain this is the only thriller involving a serial killing stand-up comic. I am just as certain it is worth every penny.

My Dark Itch: Confessions of a Killer Comedian begins with “I killed my very last person today.” As opening lines go, this one is a … killer. My Dark Itch: Confessions of a Killer Comedian is told in a conversational tone that serves the novel well. The unnamed comic begins talking about his latest and last killing. The comic has a thing against assholes and a tendency to see red when he comes across one. He has also developed an adrenaline jones. Killing various idiots is his way to satisfy his craving and bring a little justice in this world.

It takes a good third of the novel, if not more, before the reader gets to the next and first killing. This is necessary to set up the main character as a successful enough road comic whose stomping grounds is Middle America. Anyone interested in stand-up comedy, such as I, will very much enjoy this section. If you are not really into stand-up comedy, it makes for interesting reading nonetheless and certainly defines the main character and his motivations very well.

Being somewhat an impatient reader, I think the second, first murder takes a tad wee bit of time to happen but that is just me. Once it does, My Dark Itch: Confessions of a Killer Comedian fires on all cylinders (or is it in all chambers?) to a satisfying ending that lives up to the thriller’s originality.

My Dark Itch: Confessions of a Killer Comedian by Steve Sabo is one hell of a good read.

My Dark Itch: Confession of a Killer Comedian
Steve Sabo
Mystery novel

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