Stephen King would take 5,000 pages to achieve what Steve Sabo does in 321 pages in Jester’s Run. Jester’s Run is one hell of a great thriller.

Jester’s Run begins with a comedy trope. Stand-up comic gets STD from fan met after the show. The problem is the fan is Taylor and she escaped from a government lab carrying a nasty and very transmittable disease. Stuff happens and comic Joey King finds himself on the run from some very nasty government black ops members.

This is where Jester’s Run gets really fun and original. King is no dummy so he enrolls his comedy buddies to spread false clues everywhere as to his whereabouts. This drives head black ops operator Mark batshit.

The disease hones Joey’s skills to the point he becomes a headliner instead of a good middle act. This, in the comedy world, is gold. It also allows Joey King to have another encounter or two and spread the disease. Talk about Typhoid Comic.

The work Mark does to track Joey and the lengths to which Joey goes to stay off the radar are quite interesting. Of course, no headliner can stay out of the spotlight for very long.

The conclusion is interesting and I am not going to spoil it for you.

What makes Steve Sabo’s Jester’s Run really original is Sabo is a stand-up comic so he knows what he is talking about. The insight into the comedy world is fascinating. I do think more could have been done with that ans I am very curious about that world.

Sabo can also write and write very well. At 321 some pages, this is a very economical work of fiction where nothing is wasted.

I only hope Steve Sabo continues writing thrillers and I sure as hell look forward to the next one.

Jester’s run would make one hell of a movie starring … Steve Sabo of course.

Jester’s Run
Steve Sabo
Independently Published 2021
321 pages

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