Walter Mosley doesn’t really write mystery novels. Like many of his other books, Blood Grove is more a chronicle of late 1960s Los Angeles and America. It is also an update on the life of detective Easy Rawlins.

Blood Grove opens with a Vietnam vet with PTSD asking Easy Rawlins to look into an incident he was a part of. Someone was beating up a tied-up woman and when the vet tried to come to her rescue he was attacked and passed out. He wants Easy to find out what happened and if the woman is okay.

It is secondary to the tale to know it all has to do with some money being embezzled and a series of revenge killings.

You either like or feel indifferent to the Easy Rawlins series by Walter Mosley. I just wanted to tell you what the 15th novel is all about.

Blood Grove
Walter Mosley
Mulholland Books 2021
307 pages

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