Blood Work
Directed by Clint Eastwood
Based on a Michael Connelly novel
Warner Home Video 2012

Blood Work (2002) was the first movie adaptation of a Michael Connelly mystery novel and a very, very good one. Directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, it is very faithful to the book. It is easy to see why Eastwood would be interested in this novel as the main character is the kind of guy he likes to play.

Terry McCaleb is an FBI profiler on the hunt for the Code Killer. He almost catches him but has a heart attack. Forward two years and McCaleb is living on a boat and recovering from a heart transplant. A woman asks McCaleb to find the man who killed her sister, the woman whose heart he received.

As he investigates, he starts annoying a detective (Paul Rodriguez), helping another one, and things start to come together and connect to an old case.

There is no false note in Blood Work. Everybody is excellent in their parts. The plotting is also excellent and the pieces to the puzzle are cleverly placed.

This is the kind of movie mystery afficionados  must have in their collection.

It is nice to see Blood Work on Blu-ray. Took long enough though if you ask me.

Blood Work Blu-ray special features are a Making Of and A Conversation in Spanish with Eastwood, Wanda de Jesus, and Paul Rodriguez.