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The Fifth Witness
Michael Connelly
Little, Brown 2011
448 pages

Michael Connelly sure can write em. His latest, The Fifth Witness, is a court procedural. This means there are many chapters where an attorney asking a witness questions. Most of the time this makes for a tedious read and a boring thriller. Michael Connelly creates a mystery as satisfying as the other Mickey Haller and Bosch mystery novels. Kindle:   The Fifth Witness (Mickey Haller Book 4)

The economy is in the toilet and Haller is a bit down on his luck. Most of his clients are people whose house is being foreclosed on. One such client, Lisa Trammel, is accused of the murder of the banker trying to repossess her house. It is up to Mickey Haller to defend her against the murder charge.

Much like The Lincoln Lawyer, The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly follows Haller as he prepares his defence and parries what the prosecution comes up with. Michael Connelly is excellent at pacing. The testimony the in chambers discussions, and events outside the courtroom to this mystery novel read as smooth as silk.

The ending is to say the least interesting.

Hieronymus Bosch, Connelly’s other and most famous detective makes a very minor cameo in this mystery

The Fifth Witness is yet another Connelly page turner.