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The Brass Verdict
Michael Connelly
Little, Brown and Company 2008
Hardcover 432 pages

Do not begin The Brass Verdict if you have pressing commitments or responsibilities. They could be seriously neglected.  The twentieth mystery by Michael Connelly and second Mickey Haller / Lincoln Lawyer thriller is not a mystery novel. With an intricate plot and more than a few surprises, it is a drama in the purest sense of the word.  KindleThe Brass Verdict: A Novel (A Lincoln Lawyer Novel Book 2)

Not only does Connelly formulate an engaging story, he provides great characters. His central figures have strong personalities and rich histories. Intense, brilliant and highly competent, yet they are flawed individuals. This not only makes them real, but allows us to like and respect who they have become.

Mickey Haller, dubbed the Lincoln Lawyer because of the well-equipped vehicle he makes his rolling office, is a ruthless defense attorney with well-honed skills. Kept out of the limelight by past mistakes (see The Lincoln Lawyer though you do not have to be familiar with it to enjoy The Brass Verdict), he is abruptly thrust into the thick of two high profile murder cases when he inherits the active practice of former colleague Jerry Vincent who is found shot in a parking garage.

Information contained in Vincent’s case files is a likely motive for the crime thus Heller’s life is placed at immediate risk.

Enter detective Harry Bosch, the seasoned renegade cop familiar to Michael Connelly many fans. As a 33-year police veteran, his work is his life and his mission. He is the LAPD’s lead investigator in the Vincent case. Although we are not used to Bosch playing a background role, his presence in The Brass Verdict adds intrigue and interest and raises the bar to create a scenario in which the two equally passionate men, working on opposite sides of the judicial / law enforcement coin must battle mutual antagonism and mistrust in order to uncover the truth.

Michael Connelly has an almost magnetic hold on his audience as he takes us on a thrill ride where he is always completely in control. He proves himself once again to be an excellent writer.

Connelly deftly connects the dots and provides concise summaries of the action to keep us on top of the story.

Toward the middle of The Brass Verdict, the momentum seems to wane, but something is always brewing. The excitement mounts and once again, this Connelly mystery novel becomes difficult to put down.

It is an absorbing, well-choreographed thinking person’s book that contains everything we’ve learned to expect from Michael Connelly. Cryptic clues and unexpected relations entertain and thrill.

Devoted fans and novice mystery readers alike will not be disappointed and will likely hope for and wait with great anticipation of future Mickey Haller / Harry Bosch novels.