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The Reversal
Michael Connelly
Little, Brown and Company 2010
416 pages

The Pope is Catholic, a bear does in the woods, and the new Michael Connelly is a great read. The Reversal is a procedural thriller you want to savor slowly just to lengthen the time before you have to start waiting for the next Michael Connelly novel. This latest thriller features Harry Bosch, Mickey Haller, Bosch’s ex Rachel Walling, and Haller’s ex Maggie McPherson working on the same case. In terms of narrative The Reversal is a departure for Connelly but don’t worry, Pope’s Catholic. Kindle:  The Reversal (A Lincoln Lawyer Novel)

Mickey Haller, of The Lincoln Lawyer, is hired by the District Attorney to prosecute, yes prosecute, Jason Jessup. Jessup has spent twenty four years in jail for the kidnapping and murder of a twelve year old girl and been recently released on new DNA evidence.

Being more used to being a defense lawyer, Haller makes a deal with the DA and gets his ex wife and prosecutor Maggie McPherson as second chair. He gets his stepbrother Detective Harry Bosh to investigate the case again. Bosh gets in contact with his ex girlfriend, an FBI profiler named Rachel Walling.

You might think this all in the family approach is just a ploy to support a weak story but it is not. Each character’s presence is justified even if Walling s is mostly incidental.

Having read a few mysteries this summer, I could not help but notice Connelly does not pad his novels.

The Reversal is not the usual darkish Connelly thriller with a rather tortured Detective as a main character. This is a trial procedural that is closer to an actual day to day trial than anything a mystery reader is used to.

Connelly introducing The Reversal