Striptease Blu-ray
Demi Moore, Burt Reynolds
Warner Home Video

Striptease is most famous for being the movie where Demi Moore flashes her new and impr00ved tatas. This comic whodunit is based on Striptease by Carl Hiaasen and features a solid cast and extremely lazy directing: strippe – scene – stripper – scene – stripper. Fans of the movie might see the point of getting it on Blu-ray but I doubt it considering there are no special features of any kind. Striptease won a few Razzies including worst actress and worst movie of 1996. This is one case where the book by Carl Hiaasen is better

Moore plays Erin Grant, a divorced mom who loses custody of her daughter to her no good ex-husband because she doesn’t have a job because of her no good ex-husband. Erin works in a titty bar. A congressman (Burt Reynolds) comes to her defence when a customer gets too amorous. Somebody tries to put the squeeze on the congressman and ends up dead.

The congressman becomes very interested in Erin and even proposes. His backers may not approve and this could prove dangerous for her. All Erin wants is custody of her daughter.

Ving Rhames as a bouncer, Armand Assante as a detective, and Burt Reynolds all give good performances but it is Robert Patrick (the liquid Terminator) who steals the show as the no good ex-husband.

In the end, Striptease does not work not because it has too many secondary stories and characters, though it does, but because it is simply not what it so desperately tries to be: funny.

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