Down the River and Unto the Sea
Walter Mosley
Mulholland Books 2018
322 pages

I enjoyed Walter Mosley’s latest mystery novel Down The River Unto The Sea though I have never been a big Mosley fan. This novel introduces a new character and a new environment; readers will enjoy both. Kindle version at Amazon

Joe King Oliver is a former NYPD officer who was framed out of his job and is now struggling to make ends meet as a private detective. He also has an angry ex-wife to contend with and a daughter who works for him part-time as a secretary.  The thriller opens when a young woman working to free a wrongfully convicted man hires Oliver to find out why her boss dropped the case for no apparent reason.

Oliver discovers that the circumstances that led A Free Man (yes, that’s the name the wrongfully convicted man has assumed) to a lifetime sentence are related to how and why he was framed.  Of course, the more he digs, the greater the danger for him and his relatives. Fortunately, a crook he was fair to years ago is keen to help out and this man has a lot of resources to bring to the table.

The resolution to this Walter Mosley mystery is a tad wee bit Hollywoodesque for my taste.

Down the River and Unto the Sea by Walter Mosley is somewhat convoluted at times but not enough to try a reader’s patience. It is a solid read.

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