The Girl From Home
Adam Mitzner
Gallery Books 2016
336 pages

Adam Mitzner’s latest psychological thriller is The Girl From Home.

The things we do for love…The Girl From Home begins with Jonathan Caine contemplating his life from a jail cell.

He is a man who embodies success.  He has power, an enviable income, a gorgeous model-material wife, and all the accoutrements of a life on display, where everything he desires is at his fingertips.  Money is no object.   He revels in it.  He aspires for more.  More status.  More money.  More things.  More.

A grave professional miscalculation throws his life into chaos.  His only refuge is his hometown where his ailing father still resides.  Coincidentally, Johathan’s 25th high school reunion takes place, and he reacquaints himself with Jackie Williams; the one that all the boys fantasized about way back when.

This time, he gets the girl. The Girl From Home: A Book Club Recommendation! on Kindle

As if life isn’t complicated enough, Jackie is married to a violent man who soon ends up dead.

The Girl from Home is always intriguing.  It develops gradually and deliberately, to flirt with danger and set the reader up for the suspense to follow.  We second guess and never quite anticipate what will happen.

Adam Mitzner is a talented writer who knows how to get you hooked and reel you in.  His characters are interesting, flawed and believable.  They confront their own weaknesses, and often make bad decisions for the right reasons.

Although the ending is a bit softer than anticipated, it does provide cause for pause.

The Girl from Home by Adam Mitzner is a tight well written suspense drama.  A good thinking person’s novel, it is definitely worth the read.

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