A Case of Redemption
Adam Mitzner
Gallery Books 2013

A Case of Redemption is the second legal mystery by New York City attorney Adam Mitzner.

A tragic minute in time forever changes the life of successful, dedicated attorney Dan Sorenson.  When the act of a drunk stranger ends the lives of his wife and young daughter, he is plunged into despair and relinquishes his career at a prestigious New York law firm.   Eighteen months later he must deal with his demons.

His reputation preceding him, Dan is approached by a beautiful associate lawyer, Nina Harrington, who convinces him to join forces in a high profile murder case involving hip hop rapper Legally Dead, who is accused of killing his songster girlfriend. Hoping that returning to the law will transform his dismal life and revitalize his stalled career, he agrees, knowing this may be his only opportunity to save himself.

Despite damning song lyrics suggesting LD as the prime suspect Harrington and Sorenson believe the entertainer’s adamant assertions of innocence.  Unfortunately, with little evidence to the contrary, his position is almost impossible to prove.

Harrington and Sorenson must sift through a torrent of complications, betrayals and lies while they conduct interviews, formulate theories and plan their strategies, building momentum and becoming close in the process.

A Case of Redemption by Adam Mitzner is largely a procedural novel. However, it is not without emotion, depth, and believable characters, with perhaps the exception of LD who on the surface can’t help but be stereotyped.  Mitzner creates a smooth and easy read with a feel of naturalness and simplicity.

The plot evolves a bit too gradually for this reader, but once it reaches its tipping point, the story draws the reader in with its unexpected twists and greater complexity.  The court proceedings are quite enjoyable, and you will never guess what happens in the end.  A Case of Redemption grows on you and nicely redeems itself.

Adam Mitzner closes his book with extensive acknowledgements which provide interesting reading on their own, for example, how his characters are named.  The fact that he welcomes connections with his readers is refreshing.