Losing Faith
Adam Mitzner
Gallery Books 2015
368 pages


I am not the biggest fan of courtroom dramas because I often find them heavy on dialogue and a bit dry.  However, especially after reading Losing Faith, in addition to Adam Mitzer’s previous novels of criminal justice, I am a card carrying convert! Adam Mitzner – Losing Faith Kindle

Losing Faith by Adam Mitzner is very interesting.  It takes a different approach from most legal thrillers, when Aaron Littman, one of the legal world’s best, is caught in a web of deceit that places him dead centre in a murder investigation.  The arrogant Russian Nicolai Garkov is a suspected terrorist who uses information about Aaron’s clandestine affair with the presiding judge to blackmail him into taking his case and manipulate the desired outcome.

Infidelity has it’s price.  When the judge is killed, all hell breaks loose and the fun begins.  The lawyer is on trial.

Everyone lies.  Tales get bigger and bigger, to protect the innocent, to deny guilt, to cling to love, and to construct an artificial cloak of safety and a bright future for everyone.  They fail.

With human characters, perfectly timed twists and unexpected stunners, Losing Faith evolves into an intense emotional drama.  More and more difficult to put down, it’s great entertainment!

It is a multi-layered story of sacrifice, love and loyalty.  You never know whodunnit until the very end.  The revelation is jaw dropping!

Attorney Adam Mitzner has written two previous award-winning novels. Losing Faith represents his craft evolving to a higher degree of excellence.

As a fan and convert, I look forward with great anticipation to this talented writer’s next legal thriller.

You have to believe me.

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