Thirteen – an Eddie Flynn Novel
Steve Cavanagh
Orion 2018


Well-deserving of all kudos, Thirteen is my third mystery novel by Steve Cavanagh. It is an amazing legal / investigative thriller! Kindle at Amazon: Thirteen

Defence lawyer Eddie Flynn is back. He’s got a tough case of innocence to prove. His client, the young Hollywood star, Bobby Solomon, is accused of the brutal murder of his wife and security chief, in his home, and in his bed.

Although evidence points to the contrary, Flynn has the strong sense that Bobby is innocent. He is determined to prove it.

The premise of Cavanagh’s Thirteen is brilliant. The reader knows that a unique type of ruthless and calculating serial killer is out there, and that it is not Bobby. Rather, it is a man who is so enamoured by the success of his own powers of death and deception that he engineers a place for himself on the very jury that is charged with determining Solomon’s fate.

His manipulations are so ingenious and solid that Bobby doesn’t have a chance. Or does he? We do not find out until the very exciting conclusion.

Steve Cavanagh is an excellent, inventive writer. He snatches readers out of normal life and holds us captive, compelling us to read more and more as the momentum continues to build. Even when you think there couldn’t be any more surprises, there are new shocking revelations. Thirteen becomes more exciting and chilling, and impossible to put down.

You will not find another courtroom drama or serial killer like Steve Cavanagh‘s.

Thirteen is a great read; a fabulous drama, and the best Eddie Flynn novel to date. I am definitely a fan.

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