Look What You Made Me Do is a captivating, original, and thrilling novel of suspense. Canadian author Elaine Murphy has come up with characters you have not met yet. The situations will either keep you up at night because you can’t put this thriller down or because every creak you hear has you on edge.

Carrie Lawrence is a graphic designer with a great boyfriend. Her dominating sister Becca is a serial killer. Becca kills whoever gets in her way or pisses her off so the list is easily added to. Carrie has been bullied into helping Becca bury the bodies aka move the furniture.

This is quite an interesting and original premise.

One night, Carrie is helping Becca move furniture when she feels someone is watching. Becca dismisses this as Carrie being scared. They are being watched. Carrie soon learns there is another serial killer in her small town, a guy called Footloose, and he is now interested in Carrie.

Here begins a cat and mouse game where Carrie must play detective to find out who Footloose is before he can get to her. Although the plot lags a bit here, the reader is still deeply invested in what is going to happen.

The climax to Look What You Made Me Do is superb. There are a couple of twists I will not reveal. These certainly add to the mounting tension in this thriller.

Even the epilogue to Elaine Murphy’s thriller is thrilling and keeps you on edge.

Look What You Made Me Do
Elaine Murphy
Grand Central Publishing 2021
356 pages

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