You will hold on to the edge of your seat when you read Framed; the excellent debut thriller by Canadian author S. L. McInnis.

Life seems routine for Beth and Jay; the Montgomery family. With an enviable affluence, she is a talented pianist turned music teacher, while he is an aspiring filmmaker. However, all is not as it appears. Like many couples, the Montgomeries have issues.

A huge monkey wrench tumbles into their facade of bliss when even though they have not been in touch for years, Beth’s former college roommate suddenly appears on the scene.

Beth and Cassie could not be more opposite. Beth is a good wife, reliable, anxious, and easily manipulated. Cassie has a history of instability. She is bold, shameless, and well versed in using her sexuality to get exactly what she wants. She has a knack for making others uncomfortable, and a distinct disregard for social conventions.

She is on the run from a bloody murder scene.

Cassie spins an easy lie, and although she knows that her former friend is a perpetual loose cannon, Beth feels cornered to allow Cassie to stay with her and Jay for just a few days.

Almost immediately, all hell breaks loose and Cassie is a force to be reckoned with.

Framed is an exciting, captivating and well-written psychological thriller. Characters are the human, flawed and multidimensional types that you think about after the book is over.

And the plot…just when you believe that you have an inkling of what’s happening, you’re wrong!

McInnis has an excellent way of weaving in clues and setting the stage for a blockbuster ending that is positively jaw-dropping.

Framed by S.L. McInnis is an exciting and entertaining book; one I easily recommend.

I look forward to more from this impressive new Canadian writer.

S.L. McInnis
Grand Central Publishing 2020
336 pages

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