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Everyone has guilty pleasures when it comes to the stuff they read. For some it is romance novels from Harlequin or Avon, for others it is the furious shoot fests of Andy Remic (I confess to being one of those who loves Remic’s stuff) in the same league as Remic is American bestselling author James Rollins who alternates between really good and just barely worth reading. In the case of Sandstorm Rollins has penned a  page turning thriller that would be more at home in the realm of science fiction than under that of the thriller but Rollins has always blurred the line between the two genres. In essence while the central aspect of Rollins story is wildly speculative fiction much of the science behind it is sound including a rather long and involved explanation of water clusters known as buckyballs.

Sandstorm is a Sigma Force novel bringing back to the page the indomitable Painter Crowe to investigate an explosion in the Kensington wing of the London museum. The explosion bears all the earmarks of an antimatter explosion but where the antimatter came from could be anyone’s guess but the fabulously wealthy Lady Kensington seems to have an idea. Under Lady Kensington’s auspices an investigation is launched in the form of an archaeological expedition to Oman fully equipped with an archaeologist named Omaha Dunn (really no kidding). Most of the story centers around Safia, Lady Kensington’s adopted sister, who happens to be an archaeologist as well. The explosion at the museum points to a potentially limitless source of energy which of course means that both the good and the bad are after the secret.

Sandstorm is a fast paced episodic thriller that doesn’t let up. Will it go down in your memory as a great book: No. Will you reread it? No. But it is a good, fast and light read.


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