Deep Fathom
James Rollins
Harper 2010
608 pages

When it comes to James Rollins I have to admit to being a little split on the quality of his work. On the one hand the rollicking, rapid pace makes his novels page turners of the first order. On the other hand is the literary mind brought up on the giants of literature that sometimes feels short changed. The reality is that Rollins does not pretend to be more than a pulp fiction writer. Whether in the stand-alone novels like Deep Fathom and Amazonia or in the SIGMA series, Rollins gives the reader an entertaining, plot driven read that can’t be put down and picked up again without losing the sense of immediacy and intensity of his fast pacing.

As is his wont Rollins once again combines light science fantasy with the action genre to give us an incredible tale of solar flares, time displacement, international policy and a little love action on the side. With most Rollins novels things start off with a bang but Deep Fathom is a little slower paced for the first few pages.

Rollins takes his time, comparatively speaking, in setting up the start of the action but once there make no mistake about it you are in for a ride. Frequently Rollins makes use of commonly known or at least easily knowable facts and then spins them into his own unique brand of SF/Fantasy/ Thriller and such is the case once again with Deep Fathom. This time around we are treated to the Dragons Triangle, the pyramids of Yonaguni Jima, the continent of Mu, Nan Madol all tied together with the Easter Islands! Really it is a brilliant little package and just might put you through an hour of web searches just to look into the background of the novel.

Deep Fathom is a nicely researched, quick read that is entertaining and really what more could one ask for? Pick it up, you won’t be disappointed.


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