True to other Preston and Child Pendergast Novels–this is their 21st–The Cabinet of Dr. Leng is an engaging adventure.

It is not necessary to have read previous Pendergast novels in order to follow this one, although a familiarity with the characters would enhance your experience.

In The Cabinet of Dr. Leng, we are transported back in time. Constance Greene, Pendergast’s intensely-focused protege has found a way to return to the 1880s of her childhood, to right a most grevious wrong by whatever means possible.

Time is of the essence. Her brother and sister are destined to die. With her own life at risk, Constance must use all of her resources including her unique knowledge of both the past and future to prevent that from happening.
She must outmaneuver the notorious Dr. Enoch Leng.

Turing into a battle of deceit and manipulation, the fact that Leng was an actual person with a sinister and deadly research project makes this novel even more disturbing.

While things are happening in 19th century New York which spur the intelligent and sophisticated Pendergast into action, Agent Armstrong Coldmoon is investigating a murder of a Lakota master carver, while Pendergast’s friend, Lieutenant Commander Vincent D’Agosta is assigned to an ususual murder case at the Museum of Natural History.
Pendergast needs his friend’s help, so he proposes a most daring and dangerous request.

Initially, the switch between centuries and the concurrent plots felt a bit disjointed, but as the book progressed and the plots developed, the flow became smoother, and The Cabinet of Dr. Leng became more and more exciting. It definitely held my attention until the end and beyond.

The book was entertaining, with a plot that twisted in unexpected ways.

The ending, however, was a complete stunner that could leave some readers dumbstruck and exasperated. That being said, if you pick up this book, I can assure you that you will have to read the sequel. These are seasoned writers who know how to weave a good story and leave you wanting more.

The Cabinet of Dr. Leng
Preston & Child
Grand Central Publishing 2023
455 pages

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