Harlan Cobens’ thriller I Will Find You requires an overdose of willing suspension of disbelief to enjoy it. There are many times where a reader will go “No way. Absolutely not. This is ridiculous!”

David Burroughs has been in jail for some five years for the murder of his three year old son Matthew. David has willingly lost contact with all those close to him and cares little about his circumstance or daily life. Then, his sister-in-law, a disgraced for some reason unconnected to this mystery reporter named Rachel visits him in jail. She has a recent photo and in the background both recognize an older Matthew. This galvanizes David to find his son and find out what really happened that fateful night.

David escapes from prison. This is where the first of many massive doses of willing suspension of disbelief is required. I almost came up with it. Consequently, the enjoyment of the rest of Harlan Coben’s I Will Find You suffered.

There are a few other plot elements where you really have to just shut up and go along with what Harlan Coben wants you to swallow. The enjoyment of I Will Find You hangs on how many implausibilities a reader can take. Though a generous reader, I reached my limit at the second one. There are many, many more.

Coben excels in interesting secondary characters and I especially liked the two special agents that are after David Burroughs. They deserve a mystery all their own.

I Will Find You
Harlan Coben
Grand Central Publishing 2023
325 pages

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