You can depend on Michael Koryta for an excellent thriller. This time around it is Never Far Away. It is the story of a dead woman who must shed her new identity to become a mother to her now orphaned kids. Everything Michael Koryta excels in, plot, characters, child characters and, especially, villains is there in Never Far Away.

Nina Morgan worked as a pilot for a very rich man named Lowery. When something went wrong she decided to testify against him. Lowery hired the Blackwell brothers to have her killed. Something happened and Nina reinvented herself as Leah Trenton, a Maine guide and photographer. She had to leave her kids and husband. When the husband dies in a car crash, Nina must come back to life long enough to get her kids and bring them to Maine with her as their Aunt Leah.

Providing a semblancy of a normal life puts Aunt’s Leah’s idendity in jeapordy and Lowery finds out she is still alive. He sends two rather interesting killers after her. Dax Blackwell, son of one the Blackwell brothers, is also looking for Nina / Leah for reasons of his own.

Who will find Nina first? Is there someone out there to help her? Can Leah escape her past and keep her kids safe?

The Blackwell brothers were the real stars of Michael Koryta’s Those Who Wish Me Dead (which I highly, highly recommend). Dax Blackwell is a chip off the old blocks. Leah Trenton is a solid character on her own. The kids are quite believeble as kid characters.

Everything works in Nevery Far Away

Never Far Away by Michael Koryta is a page turner. If you are unfamiliar with Koryta’s work, and you should be, reading this one will make you want to read all the other ones.

Never Far Away
Michael Koryta
Little, Brown and Company 2021
374 pages

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