The Prophet
Michael Koryta
Little, Brown & Co 2012

Having read So Cold the River, The Cypress House, and The Ridge, I can say with authority that Michael Koryta can write.  He can write exceptionally well.  His latest, The Prophet is chilling, and easily one of the best mystery novels I have had read within the last year.  Kindle at Amazon

Circumstances in The Prophet centre around Rachel Bond, a young woman seeking to reunite with her estranged formerly incarcerated father.  She enlists the help of PI/bail bondsman Adam Austin, who provides her with an address.  Instead of a wonderful reunion, Rachel is murdered and Adam is fraught with guilt for sending her to her disturbing and untimely death.Haunted by memories of his sister’s murder decades earlier, Adam is is pushed over the edge, where trapped in the past, he needs to set things right.  Having taken a different path to cope with his personal tragedy, his brother Kent is a pillar of the community, the high school’s beloved football coach.  One of his star players is the dead girl’s boyfriend.

The intricacies of relationships, family and football provide the backdrop wherein The Prophet is a complicated, layered and very good story.  It builds well and allows the reader to connect with believable flawed characters.  As he delves into their lives,Michael Koryta shows a deep understanding of loyalty, things said and not said, and how people choose to define themselves.  He gets into their heads, and yours.

The Prophet by Michael Koryta is an intense and riveting drama that captures the emotions.  Koryta is excellent at maintaining tension and creating surprise as the book progresses, getting better and better.

The Prophet is a novel that easily lives up to and exceeds the accolades on its dust jacket.  Truly a stand out, it is a must read for Michael Koryta fans and mystery lovers.