How It Happened
Michael Koryta
Little, Brown and Company 2018
368 pages

Experience has proven Michael Koryta is a safe best for a great, well-written thriller. How It Happened is the sixth Michael Koryta mystery we have reviewed and it more than lives up to expectations. If you like complex but not muddled plots, interesting main characters, and a plot that keeps you turning the page, How It Happened more than fits the bill. Kindle: How It Happened on Kindle

Former Port Hope, Maine summer resident and now FBI agent Rob Barrett is sent back to this small village to separate truth from fantasy when resident nuisance, druggie, and known tall-tale spinner Kimmy Crepeaux involves herself and two conspirators in the murder of a summer resident and a beloved local. Barrett, who wrote a thesis on confessions and whose strength is finding out the truth believes Crepeaux word for word as to How It Happened. Even when she says local entrepreneur and golden boy Mathias Burke is the killer.

Unfortunately, none of the very explicit detains of Kimmy Crepeaux’s confession prove to be true. This is most damning when it comes to where she said the bodies were dumped.

Barrett is busted down to a miserable outpost in Montana where agents are sent to be forgotten about.

Having spend summers in Port Hope, Barrett knows the real Mathias Burke and the evil he hides so well behind his friendly smile and always ready to lend a hand facade. Burke puts everything on the line to not only prove he was right in believing Crepeaux but to bring peace to the families of the two victims. It becomes a fascinating cat and mouse or puppet versus puppeteer game.

The reveal in How It Happened by Michael Koryta is fascinating and you must admire how well Mathias Burke played agent Barrett to the very last second. As to his motive for doing so, remember that even if the locals like you, you should not get smug and think you understand their world.

IF  we had the means to, IF,  I would guarantee your money back or a new book if you do not enjoy How It Happened by Michael Koryta.

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