The Pharaoh Key
A Gideon Crew mystery
Preston & Child
Grand Central Publishing 2018
320 pages

The Pharaoh Key is the latest action adventure in the Gideon Crew novels by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Kindle at Amazon:The Pharaoh Key (Gideon Crew series)

In The Pharaoh Key, Gideon Crew’s time is literally almost up. Having been diagnosed with an uncommon and untreatable vascular condition, he has only months to live. He has been given the excellent advice to make every minute count; so what better way than a final adventure?

Gideon’s boss at Effective Engineering Solutions has disappeared. Gideon’s colleague, Manuel Garza sends him a text requesting an immediate meeting. They discover that the company itself is in the throes of being dismantled. They have not been paid and Garza is angry.

EES has been harbouring a secret. After five years of computer-generated effort, the code to a centuries old cypher has just been unlocked. Perhaps an unknown language, it doesn’t make sense.

Always the intrepid adventurer, Gideon joins forces with Garza to hunt down the Phaistos Disk’s original location, with the hope of discovering new stories and untold riches.

What follows is a dramatic and engaging story that unfolds in a primitive and unexplored wilderness in the Egyptian desert. Gideon and Garza meet danger head on, often risking life and limb to discover a truth that today’s world may not be ready to embrace.

The Pharoah Key has a well-written and fast-paced plot filled with excitement and Indiana Jones-like adventure. It is difficult to stop turning the pages. You just have to find out what happens next.

Chalk up another entertaining read to the excellent writing team of Preston and Child. Well done, gentlemen!

I can’t wait for the next one.

J Curran

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