The Scorpion’s Tail is the third Nora Kelly book. Old Bones being the second and Thunderhead the first. If you are a fan of Preston & Child, this one is, comparatively, a decent read. If you are not familiar with Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child can do, it is a very good read.

FBI agent Corrie Swanson is on the outs a bit. This is why she is assigned a minor case. The mummified body of a man was found in a New Mexico ghost town. The case becomes much more interesting when a massive gold cross is found with the corpse.

The man has been dead for quite a while. Does his death have anything to do with nearby Los Alamos and the atomic testings? What of the legend of a massive Spanish treasure buried somewhehere near the mountains?

Corri Swanson enlists the help of archaeologist Nora Kelly. Together, both women will solve the case and perhaps even find the treasure.

The Scorpion’s Tail is a good story with solid characters. A reader definitely wants to find out what happens next. The weak point of The Scorpion’s Tail by Preston & Child is it is hard to differentiate between FBI agent Swanson and Nora Kelly. Both characters are rather interchangeable. This takes away from your reading pleasure.

For Preston & Child fans, Agent Pendergast does make a one-page appearance near the end.

The Scorpion’s Tail
Preston & Child
Grand Central Publishing 2021
402 pages

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