City of Endless Night
Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
A Pendergast Novel
Grand Central Publishing 2018
359 pages

About murder and mystery, City of Endless Night is the latest (2018) Pendergast Novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child Kindle City of Endless Night (Agent Pendergast series) on Kindle

After being missing for four days, Grace Ozmian, the young jet-setting daughter of a billionaire has been found. Well, most of her has been found. She is dead, and her head is missing. Could her daring lifestyle have put her in harm’s way, or was someone out to get revenge against her father; a man with a reputation of being ruthless in life as well as in business?

Lt. Detective Vincent D’Agosta and FBI agent A Pendergast are assigned to the case. City of Endless Night audiobook at Amazon

Soon, a second murder takes place after an allegedly impregnable security system is breached. The MO is the same, yet there seems little else that connects the cases. Clearly, New York has a serial killer in its midst.

Enter the media and a crazy person who whips the city into a frenzy, and the investigators have their work cut out for them.

City of Endless Night by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child is a well written and interesting book that commands your attention. It is a smooth and easy read, with great momentum. It builds and builds and keeps you interested and guessing until the very end.

The Pendergast books by Preston and Child are always fun and exciting. Pendergast is enigmatic and methodical. He plays his cards close to his chest and in his silent brilliance, inevitably discovers the answers.

City of Endless Night is more about the case than Pendergast himself. Although this is definitely a stand alone novel, you will want to read others to learn more about the life and adventures of this interesting and complicated character.


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