All Systems Down
The Cyber War Book 1
Sam Boush
Lakewater Press 2018
240 pages

I hate geopolitical thrillers. They are far too convoluted and the premise is often laughable. This said, I was suckered right in with All Systems Down by Sam Boush. Instead of focusing on the leaders of the world and the one man who can save us all this thriller focuses on real people in real circumstances. I cannot wait for the next two volumes in the Cyber War Series.

North Korea has invaded the United States with malicious code that shuts down everything run by electronics be it cars, satellites, communications, water supply, etc. It was helped in this by the fact every single chip manufactured in China had a backdoor allowing the code to be inserted. The reader eventually learns the two countries have other allies. All Systems Down (The Cyber War Book 1)

The main characters of All Systems Down are a former parking law officer, a naval fighter pilot, a woman with special hacking skills, and the pilot of an old prop plane and his tween-aged daughter. They are the ones the fate of the world rests on.

The best character in Volume One of The Cyber War by Sam Boush is Sierra Eigelb, a salesclerk who discovers she just loves killing people and with a world out of control there are plenty of opportunities to do so.

The post-apocalyptic mood of All Systems Down will remind some of Stephen King’s The Stand. This may seem an odd comparison but if you read Sam Boush’s thriller you will understand it immediately.

This geopolitical thriller is also the perfect page length to read on a Kindle All Systems Down (The Cyber War)

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