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The Tiger?s Tail
Brendan Gleeson, Kim Cattrall, Brendan Gleeson
Directed by John Boorman
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
107 minutes

The Tiger’s Tail is one hell of an original thriller DVD that has you guessing all the way through. Those who enjoy taught thrillers with little violence and lots of great twists and turns will absolutely enjoy this 2006 Irish movie now available on DVD.

Brendan Gleeson plays Liam O’Leary, a very successful Dublin entrepreneur. One night, while stuck in traffic on his way to a ceremony celebrating his being businessman of the year he meets his doppelganger. The double (also played by Brendan Gleeson of course) starts showing up wherever Liam goes and slowly insinuates into his life until he becomes who he is. If you are having problems with the last sentence it is but a perfect description of what The Tiger’s Tail is about.

This thriller DVD certainly has you guessing all the way through as to what is going on, who is who, what the doppelganger wants, what is going to happen to both he and Liam. The Tiger’s Tail keeps you enthralled with what is going on with absolutely no car chases, violence, nudity, etc.

To reveal what this thriller is really about would be to spoil a lot of it. It is, of course, about how do you prove who you are but it is much more than that.

There are not that many really intelligent thrillers out there but this one certainly is one of them. Do not let the fact this movie was written and directed by John Boorman turn you off. Boorman can be a bombastic bore, man, but he’s managed to create an excellent movie here.