214 Palmer Street is a great read!

It contains all of the elements of a real psychological thriller. It is a compelling and engaging novel, filled with secrets, suspense, and the pseudo unity and often unpredictable dynamics of power, attraction, and an irreversable pecking order between long-time friends.

Although he’s a bit closed and clingy, from the outside, Sarah and Kirk appear to be the perfect happy couple until one day when Sarah gets attacked in her own back yard.

The police have no leads.

Sarah is neither feeling nor behaving quite like herself. Afraid and feeling that something is not quite right with her husband and his friends, she sequesters herself at 214 Palmer Street; with the hope of discovering its dark past.
Her sudden disappearance minus her cell phone and vehicle has Kirk in a panic. He solicits the help of his police chief friend who plays down the incident.

Meanwhile, Sarah is onto something. She tries her best to be invisible as she investigates the property for signs of criminal activity and foul play.

214 Palmer Street is an exciting page-turner that always keeps you guessing.

McQuestion does an excellent job of setting the mood and taking the reader on a thrill ride of twists and turns that ramp up the shock factor because the dynamics continue even after you know whodoneit.

Make sure you will be undisturbed and have a lot of time on your hands when you start turning the pages. You will not want to put 214 Palmer Street down.

After this thoroughly enjoyable read, I will be looking forward to more dynamic and enjoyable novels from Karen McQuestion.

214 Palmer Street
Karen McQuestion
Bookouture 2023
272 pages

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