The Surgeon by Leslie Wolfe is an excellent page-turning psychological thriller. Everything is solid here including the peripheral characters.

Anne is a highly successful cardiac surgeon who is the face of the hospital she practices in. An operation goes bad after she recognizes her patient. He has something to do with her adopted sister. That something is hinted at and clearly revealed near the end of The Surgeon.

All is not well however. Anne’s husband, Derreck, a lawyer, is running for mayor but having an affair with someone in the criminal prosecutions bureau. That someone is Paula Fuselier. Fuselier is out to get Anne. At first it is to get Derreck to herself but the reader learns much later on the real motive for her fixation on Anne.

Events become a bit of a cat and mouse story between Fuselier and Anne.

There is one scene involving removing evidence that is a bit hard to swallow but what the hell.

The Surgeon ends with two explosive reveals. The final sentence sent a very cold shiver up my spine.

I highly recommend The Surgeon by Leslie Wolfe to anyone.

The Surgeon
Leslie Wolfe
Grand Central Publishing 2023
277 pages

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