Give Me Your Hand
Megan Abbott
Little, Brown and Company 2018
339 pages

Give Me Your Hand is a psychological thriller by Megan Abbott. It centres around two women, Kit Owens and Diane Fleming who became friends for a brief time in high school where they both pursued an interest in science. Kindle at Amazon: Give Me Your Hand on Kindle

Kit was once a victim of a terrible secret from Diane’s past. She thought it was over, but ten years later, she is stunned to find Diane working at the same facility, one run by a leading scientist that they both have admired for years. Diane’s sudden appearance as a new colleague, reprises old roles and frightening memories.

The women have a chance to be involved in her ground-breaking investigation into PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder), which is sure to grab the headlines and research dollars. There are two spaces open, and more interested parties. Diane seems to have a clandestine, unexplainable “in” with her new boss. It appears that she is a shoe-in, but nobody knows who the chosen ones will ultimately be.

Knowledge of past sins, binds Kit and Diane together. Other traumatic events occur, and when Kit is victimized again, they must close ranks to protect each other from complete ruin.

The plot line switches between “then” and “now”, as we learn about their individual and collective histories, while the plot at the research facility unfolds. Serious twists occur, and the ending is impossible to anticipate.

Give Me Your Hand by Megan Abbott seems to have all the ingredients of a good novel: Murder, danger, and deep, dark lies. Although I am sure Give Me Your Hand would appeal to others, I did not warm up to the main characters.

Likewise, I had assumed from the beginning that the exploration and use of PMDD was going to be an intricate part of an exciting plot line. I was disappointed that it turned out to be only an aside.

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