I, Witness
Niki Mackay
Orion 2018
297 pages

I, Witness by Niki Mackay has an interesting premise. Kate Reynolds went to jail after confessing to the murder of her best friend Naomi Andrews and being found next to the body with a knife. Now that she is out of jail, Reynolds wants to know what really happened and hires an ex-cop and now private detective to find out what really happened. I, Witness: The gripping psychological thriller of 2018 that you won’t be able to put down on Kindle

This mystery novel features solid characters and writing. The story is told from the point of view of various characters including detective Maddison Attalee, her sister-in-law Caudia Reynolds who has discovered that Kate’s brother Marcus has a very dark side, and Anthea Andrews, the mother of Naomi Andrews.

As I, Witness progresses the reader and detective Maddsison Attaleee discover the Reynolds family has a few skeletons in its closet and quite a few secrets. It is quite plausible that Kate was in the wrong place at the wrong time and too stoned to realize what had happened.

Niki Mackay keeps the reader guessing and interesting almost all the way through. This mystery novel falls apart in the last seventy or so pages with the reveal. The solution is too convoluted to be believable, as is the finale. Neither are up to par with what the reader had been given until then.

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