Glenn Cooper has written a very interesting and thought-provoking thriller.

Harvard professor Cal Donovan receives a panicked message from a former student.

Samia Tedros is in mortal danger. Rivalling that of the dead sea scrolls, she has found an artifact of intense historical and religious significance. The explosive revelations of the Gospel of Mary Magdeline could throw Christianity on its ear, change the course of the world, and blow the church’s old boys’ network to kingdom come.

There are those who risk their lives in order for the information to come to light, and those who will do anything within their power to insure that the truth is buried forever.

The Lost Pope takes off when meanwhile, a progressive new pontiff makes the controversial decision to appoint a woman, a nun named Elisabetta, as his head of state; a power position previously held by only men.
Many loyal followers of the faith rejoice, while other factions are horrified and outraged by the breech of tradition and what it could mean for the future of Catholicism.

A very rich and powerful staunch Catholic by the name of Tommy Cunliffe, takes it upon himself to not only right the wrong of the pope’s decision, but to insure that if the damning document exists and is legitimate, that it is hidden forever, before knowledge of its existence reaches the masses and changes Christianity forever.
He will spare no expense and stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Donovan’s mission is to prevent that from happen, and save his friend Elisabetta’s life and reputation from being destroyed.

Linking the ancient past to the controversial present while spanning different continents, The Lost Pope is packed with mystery, intrigue and danger.

It provides insights into the workings of the Vatican and the hierarchy of the church.

Kudos to Glenn Cooper for devising such a provocative plot and a complex and exciting book.

I will definitely be reading more from this best-selling author.

The Lost Pope
Glenn Cooper
Grand Central Publishing 2023
384 pages

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