As a foreword to The Spider, author Lars Kepler warns the reader that this mystery novel contains spoilers to two previous Joona Linna titles: Lazarus and The Sandman. Not being familiar with the Joona Linna series, I thought this was a nice touch. Also, not having that background information did not stop me from enjoying this excellent thriller. It also means this review probably contains involuntary spoilers to these earlier titles

The ninth Joona Linna mystery opens with the murder of one of his colleagues. Saga Bauer, a detective on sick leave receives a postcard warning of nine upcoming murders with Linna’s to be the last. The killer also sends Bauer a lead figurine to identify the next victim. It doesn’t take long for the figurines and the bodies to start mounting.

The Spider by Lars Kepler is thrilling all the way through but I was especially caught up in the chapter where a psychologist is trying to escape the killer. You can’t get more nail-biting than this.

In a twist not often seen in a mystery novel, one of the detectives on the Spider case comes under suspicion and has to stay one step ahead of the investigation and the killer. The serial killer aka The Spider is quite interesting and original and makes the reader want to read on to know more about him or her.

The ending to Lars Kepler’s The Spider keeps the reader turning the pages with bated breath. The ending is quite satisfying.

The Spider is one hell of a thriller

My one problem with Lars Kepler’s The Spider is the John Wayne style stand off in a halal shop before the murder of the third victim. It is a bit much.

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