The Forbidden Place
Suzanne Jansson
Grand Central Publishing 2018
352 pages

The Forbidden Place takes place in a small community in the midst of Sweden’s mysterious moors; the perfect setting for Suzanne Jansson’s debut mystery novel.

Nathalie a biologist and former resident of the area, seeks the tranquility and seclusion of a rustic cabin while she conducts research for her dissertation. Having escaped them for many years, her presence in the area forces her to confront the demons of her childhood, and learn the answers that she doesn’t realize that she needs to find. Kindle: The Forbidden Place on Kindle

Along with Nathalie, the bog has its own mysterious past. Full of superstitions, deep, and dark, and once a sacred place for the ritual sacrifices of the ancients, it is not a place to be trifled with. Perhaps the bog has claimed more than local residents realize.

A sense of foreboding sends Nathalie into the bog where she finds her new friend Johannes unconscious. Despite being out jogging, he has 100 ten-kronor coins in his pocket; a phenomenon hauntingly similar to that of the ancient bodies that were discovered years before. Lucky to have escaped, will he live to tell the tale, or will an unknown killer claim another victim?

Interesting and well put together, with just enough depth to the main characters, The Forbidden Place is a good mystery. Suzanne Jansson’s descriptive writing style makes for an easy and enjoyable reading experience.

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