Depending on the genre of the novel in hand, Kate Kessler is one of 6 noms de plume of this Canadian-born author. Call of Vultures is her second Killian Delaney thriller.

Although it’s predecessor carries some of the backstory, Call of Vultures can stand alone.

The fierce fighter Killian Delaney has had her share of trouble. On parole after nearly beating a man to death, she is attempting to fly under the radar when she is recruited to rescue two sisters who have been taken in by a cult that masquerades as a bastion of personal growth for psychologically lost women.

Compelled to save them, the determined Delaney finds herself enroled in Incarnyx’s retreat, where she discovers that there is nothing that she won’t do to insure that her mission is a success and they are safely home.

Call of Vultures is an action-oriented and plot-driven story that becomes more and more complicated as it goes along. It incorporates the dregs of the criminal underworld, deception, violence, drugs, trafficking, you name it. If it’s dark, unpleasant and illegal, it’s likely here, operating under the facade of helping women to be their best.

Not lacking strong female characters, many women in this book are driven by big personallities. Some are connected by superficial, historical or sometimes romantic relationships. In my opinion, however, few characters, with the exception of Delaney, have little real dimension.

I sense that there will be more coming to add to her story.

I can see Call of Vultures as an action movie. It isn’t my preferred genre, but if you want gritty, raw, and physical, this is the book for you.

Call of Vultures
A Killian Delaney Mystery
Kate Kessler
Redhook 2021
352 pages

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