When She Was Good is the second Cyrus Haven thriller by Michael Robotham. You do not need to have read the first book, Good Girl, Bad Girl to enjoy this one. It would fill in some background info though. On its own, When She Was Good is a very good mystery novel.

Cyrus is a forensic psychologist who has come across the mysterious Evie and taken her under his wing as much as possible. It turns out Evie was used by a child prostitution ring. Some very powerful and dangerous people are out to find Evie and silence her. Cyrus Haven is trying to untangle what happened to Evie and another child in order to help her. Those who show an interest in her die off. These are indeed powerful and connected people.

Michael Robotham alternates between two first person narratives. That of Cyrus Haven and of Evie. It makes for an interesting counterbalanced story. This is not to say there are perhaps a couple of chapters too many before things come to a head.

When She Was Good is not a light read but it is worth the reader’s time. The story does come to a climax but one suspects, rightly or wrongly, that there is a third book to be added to this series.

When She Was Good
Michael Robotham
Sphere 352 pages

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