Watching You
Michael Robotham
Mulholland Books 2014

Watching You by Michael Robotham is an engaging psychological thriller.

Marnie Logan is in a bad space.  Added to financial difficulties, caring for a son with health problems, and an independence-seeking teenage daughter has its challenges.  Haunted by gambling debts, her “love at first sight” husband Daniel has vanished, and has been missing for a considerable time.  His whereabouts are a mystery.  Is he dead?  How could he leave her?  Did he just save himself and leave her to clean up his mess?  Watching You Kindle at Amazon

Authorities refuse to declare Daniel dead, and are suspicious that Marnie is somehow involved.

Desperate and filled with great dread and anxiety which are taking their toll, Marnie unburdens herself to her psychotherapist, Joe, who is determined to help her.  Joe’s friend, a former detective, also gets involved to help solve the mystery of Daniel’s disappearance.

Unbeknownst to her, Marnie has a devoted fan; an unrequited lover, a watcher; someone who silently and stealthily has illicitly observed  her from the shadows for most of her life.  He has expanded his protective vigilance to include her children.  He will do anything to insure she is safe.

Michael Robotham guarantees that little is what it seems.  Robotham plays with your mind, providing you with “eureka” moments which compel you to read more to discover how he will manoeuver each situation. Hearing the voice of the watcher, as well as co-observing Marnie’s life, draws the reader is into a complex drama with an thrilling  mix of discovery and uncertainty.

Sometimes the momentum wavers as Watching You flips back and forth a bit too much for this reader’s tastes.  However, definitely suspenseful, fascinating, and at times creepy, Watching You by Michael Robotham is a generally well written, exciting, and very enjoyable read that captures your attention and won’t let you go until the final page is turned.