When You Are Mine is an exciting new thriller from renowned crime writer Michael Robotham.

Despite having a father who was a mob boss, Philomena McCarthy knew from when she was a young girl that she wanted to be a police officer.

Still proving herself at 27, with her wedding in the works, she is about to experience the case of a lifetime. She and her partner attend a domestic violence call, where neither the perpetrator nor the victim are cooperative. As  she tries to extricate the bruised woman who refuses to press charges, the perpetrator states that he is a detective sergant at the Scotland Yard Intelligence Unit, so the accusations will never stick. Known through the ranks as a respected officer and bonafide hero, Darren Goodall becomes enraged and sends a punch her way. She arrests him on the spot.

Philomena is in deep trouble because she turned in a respected high-ranking fellow officer, yet she continues to investigate Goodall’s past and protect his girlfriend, Tempe Brown, from future harm.

Coincidentally, Tempe was a former classmate of Philomena’s way back when. She is currently a wedding planner. As she begins to connect and develop a friendship with the policewoman, she volunteers to help Philomena with her nuptuals. Gradually, she becomes indispensible.

Philomena’s choices become a catalyst for a different kind of investigation, the discovery of a dark force within the police department, and an unexpected string of events amidst an uphill battle that could damage her beloved career forever.

When You Are Mine easily draws the reader into a gripping and fascinating story line where there are many interesting connections and complications.

Characters and their dilemmas are believable. Tempe is especially provocative.
Once When You Are Mine takes hold, what we are led to believe starts to crumble and Robotham’s thriller becomes suspenseful, creepy and hard to put down.

Exciting, scary, and unpredictable, When You Are Mine reaches a startling conclusion and leads one to ponder the true price of friendship.

This read is easily recommended

When You Are Mine
Michael Robotham
Sphere 2022
368 pages

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