Little Girl Lost is the first of two (so far) mystery novels featuring private detective John Blake. This being a Hard Case Crime novel, Little Girl Lost is everything you expect from a hard boiled detective novel with a great story to back it up.

John Blake learns childhood sweetheart Miranda Sugarman has been killed on the roof of a rather seedy strip club. He learns Miranda dropped out of college and became a stripper. As he tries to solve her murder, Blake discovers Miranda may have known about a heist against gangster Murco Kachadurian and that is why she was killed.

The deeper he digs into the case, the murkier it gets and the more danger Blake is in.

Little Girl Lost features a rather complex plot with quite a few twists and turns. Hinting at any of these might be a spoiler so I won’t.

Richard Aleas knows how to keep his complex plot going without losing the reader or credibility, something that too often happens in lesser mystery novels. This makes Little Girl Lost a great and very rewarding read.

Little Girl Lost
Richard Aleas
Hard Case Crime 2011

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