Say It With Bullets by Richard Powell is a pretty decent hard-boiled mystery novel. Powell has a good story, a solid main and secondary character, and writes in a way that keeps you interested. Say It With Bullets is not a perfect crime novel but it makes for a solid read.

Bill Wayne was a WWII pilot flying supplies to China. As the war came to an end, he and his crew got into a disagreement about what was to be on the last flight out of China. Wayne was shot in the back by one of his four buddies. Back in the States, someone took a shot at him. Bill Wayne is on a mission to find out which of his pals wants him dead.

To do that he books a tour across the west. The tour conveniently stops in cities where his old pals are living, giving him the perfect getaway plan. The problem is as soon as he tracks down a pal, someone else kills him and has Bill Wayne holding the bag. It seems someone else is involved in this revenge plot. Add to that the tour guide is on old school acquaintance who will not leave Powell alone

The problem with Say It With Bullets by Richard Powell is the ending. The showdown takes place late at night with three baddies against Powell and the tour guide who keeps following him. One of the baddies gets dispatched but Powell does not tell you how the other two crooks are take care of. It leaves the reader somewhat disatisfied.

All in all Richard Powell’s Say It With Bullets is entertaining but not a keeper.

Say It With Bullets
Richard Powell
Wildside Press 2019

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