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The Postcard Killers
James Patterson Lisa Marklund
Little, Brown and Company 2010

The Postcard Killers, co-written by best selling authors James Patterson and Liza Marklund is a very good mystery novel.

Taking place in prominent European locales, it immediately draws you in, as a series of grizzly murders dot the continent.  Each involves pairs of unsuspecting tourists who are befriended by an attractive, charismatic couple; just the type of people you'd want to meet on vacation, except your new wonderful friends kill for pleasure.  Chilling!

Crime scene photos and postcards that mark the city in which each murder was committed are sent to the media.  Reporter Dessie Larson becomes an unlucky recipient, thus her fate in the investigation is sealed.  She is approached by almost perpetually disheveled, and just this side of unglued NYPD Detective Jacob Kanon, whose deep personal interest that the killers are brought to justice is fuelled to obsession by the fact that they murdered his only child, his daughter Kimmy.

Kanon and Larson discover bizarre connections to famous paintings, and the dark, frightening world to which the killers belong.

Easily read, The Postcard Killers unfolds at the right pace and complexity.  It immediately catches the reader's attention, maintaining interest and building momentum, as shocking details are revealed, and we descend into a world of darkness and depravity.

It's a job well done for Patterson and Marklund.  Fans and curiosity seekers should pick this one up.