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Cry Ohana
Rosemary and Larry Mild
Publishamerica 2010
422 pages

Cry Ohana, the new mystery novel by Rosemary and Larry Mild is set in the lush Shangri-la of Hawaii where there is enough trouble in paradise to get people killed.

Disaster strikes after a family picnic when an inebriated Hank Pualoa crosses into oncoming traffic and his car is hit by a truck. His wife is killed. Hank is jailed. His young children, 18-month Kekoa and 4-year-old Leilani go to live with their maternal grandmother.

Calm prevails until at 12, Kekoa becomes the sole witness to his beloved uncle Big John's murder. Fearing for his life, he runs away. Further tragedy sends Leilani to live with strangers and although she is given much love and opportunity, she yearns for her family.

In start contrast, Kekoa runs to the streets, surviving by scavenging for fod and doing odd jobs until he is rescued by a kind couple who care for him as their own

Meanwhile, Big John's killer tries to silence his witness.

Cry Ohana mixes pockets of excitement between very ordinary moments of life. The reader wishes for more of the former and is rewarded as the plot becomes tighter, the momentum increases, and eventually real action erupts.

Colorful characters appear and reappear though their connections with the children. The fact everybody in this mystery novel is connected to each other is very contrived.

Cry Ohana is astory of family, survival, justice, and ties that bind. It is an okay mystery.